Phil is a qualified Pilates Instructor & Soft-tissue Therapist providing Movement Assessment, treatment & advice in North London.

He is the only local therapist combining skills in Massage and Pilates movement therapies to relieve pain, restore strength and increase mobility.

Working with clients of all ages, fitness levels & abilities, he applies the most up-to-date, evidence-based practice within his field. His background in dance and movement has given him over 20 years experience with clients recovering from muscular injury.

“I feel privileged to spend my time teaching and facilitating movement, enabling individuals to tune into how their body moves and apply it to their desired activity.

I’m passionate about movement and put it at the centre of health, wellbeing and quality of life. It is wonderful to share this with others who want to get back to the physical activities they enjoy, no matter what their age.”

Certified Pilates Instructor
Scott Studio, Specialist Movement Advice & Treatment

Diploma BTEC Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy
London School of Sports Massage