Clients work with me to either develop exercise skills or to resolve movement issues.

I've been teaching Equipment Pilates and mat classes for over 20 years, as well as providing soft-tissue massage therapy. I work with clients of all ages and abilities, integrating spinal health and restorative core strength for good movement.

The common feedback from my clients is wanting to move better and a commitment to working together towards this goal. Get in touch to find out more.

Movement therapies

Pilates Classes

Group Pilates mat classes focus on synchronising your breath with each movement, mobilising the body and building strength.

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Soft-tissue massage

Massage therapy can reduce muscle tension, pain and inflammation, improving overall movement, function and quality of life.

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Pilates one-on-one

Pilates is an effective movement therapy for developing strength and improving the body's alignment habits. making movement more easy.

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