Pilates one-on-one

Pilates is for everyone, but different Pilates movements meet different needs.

Whether you wish to build strength in areas to reduce pain, refine your form and technique, or create a personalised strength training program, please feel free to get in touch.

Pilates one-on-one is available in person at Stoke Newington & Camden triyoga - or online. Sessions can be booked using the links below:


9am -12pm  triyoga.co.uk

2 - 8pm  phil@philipbishop.co.uk


12 - 8pm  phil@philipbishop.co.uk


8 - 11am  triyoga.co.uk


12 - 8pm  phil@philipbishop.co.uk


11am - 3pm  phil@philipbishop.co.uk

In-person Pilates one-on-one

Each session begins with understanding your goals and assessing your movement. 

One-on-one sessions last 60 minutes and can include Reformer and other Pilates equipment, as well as matwork techniques.

Follow-up sessions focus further on customising Pilates exercises as you progress.

Online Pilates one-on-one

Sessions are 30/60-minutes delivered via Zoom, and focus on individually-tailored Pilates movements, including any suggested adjustments and progressions.

Movement therapies

Soft-tissue therapy

Massage therapy can reduce muscle tension, pain and inflammation, improving overall movement, function and quality of life.

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Group Pilates mat classes focus on synchronising your breath with each movement, mobilising the body and building strength.

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Movement Assessment

A movement assessment explores the body's movement and offers the opportunity to receive tailored support specific to your needs.

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Prices & Payment

One-on-one Sessions in Stoke Newington

  • Initial 1.5 hour (including movement assessment & consultation) - £75 

  • One-hour sessions (in person) - £55

  • Online sessions - £45 one hour; £30 half hour 

  • payment is made via Bank Transfer with details given on booking. 

  • there is a 24hr cancellation fee for all one-on-one sessions.

One-on-one Sessions at Camden triyoga